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This is a pamphlet given out at the 1967 National Conference on Black Power, a historic gathering of leaders in the Black Power movement. It contains National CORE Director Floyd Mckissick's speech to the gathering. It marks a strong shift to Black…

This is a photo of both Roy Innis (in the dashiki) and his successor/ protege as chairman of Harlem CORE (1968-1969), Victor Solomon (in the suit). Solomon went on to become the national associate director for CORE but eventually left over…

This is a photo of Gladys Harrington, New York CORE's first chairman (1961-1963) and the Northeast Regional Representative for CORE at this time.
She was chairman when the chapter was still in midtown Manhattan and remained chairman of New York…

This is a copy of the national news letter. I picked this edition because it contains a story of the school boycotts that Harlem CORE helped organize in 1964.

This is a pin/button that served as propaganda, public relations material for CORE's voter registration, de-segregation efforts down south.

This is a pamphlet given out to all potential members and members, describing CORE's definition of non-violent tactics to be used in demonstrations , protests, etc.

A CORE pamphlet, given to all new members and potential members, recruitment tool. Take note of how the drawing of Gandhi is featured on it's cover.

A CORE pamphlet, centered on Southern workers, used to recruit new members.

A membership card used by members of CORE, the national organization, regardless of the chapter they belonged to. Paying regular financial dues were required to be a member.